Beer Here

When I was growing up on the North Shore, it was the land of pubs. Mind you these were not the great, generally high quality operations one would experience walking down any street in England with a brilliant selection of proper beers and a gastro-quality food menu.
We're talking the type of pub where your choice was Labatt Blue, Molson Canadian or .. you guessed it..any number of IPA's. Food choices were amazing. As long as you loved Wings, Nachos or generic burgers from Sysco.
Thankfully they have long since died off and consumers have many options of great restaurants that have well curated drink menus. But what about beers?
Thanks to a (long overdue) change in regime at City Hall, there has been an amazing development in the form of the Brewery District in Lower Lonsdale. Running at 6 locations (with more on the way) it's certainly now become a really cool destination experience! Check out Beere, Streetcar, House of Funk,  North Point, La Cerveceria Astilleros and soon Shaketown. Last but not lease keep an eye out for Copperpenny Distilling, which looks to become a World-Class destination itself!