Rain Walks

There's nothing quite like putting on your rain coat, a good pair of boots and your largest umbrella and going for walk on the North Shore while it's raining. If you're going to call this side of the water home, you're going to have to get used to the rain. It's just a part of life. 
Whether you're going with your dog, your kids, your friends or just solo you really do need to get out and and practice some shinrin-yoku, what the Japanese call 'forest bathing'. No it's nothing unsavoury, it's the simple pleasure of spending time in the forest. 
I personally love being out on a trail and hearing the rain falling on the forest, the sound of a swollen creek or river roaring in the background.  
We were at Delbrook Rec Centre the other day and I heard Mosquito creek from across the parking lot. 
I jogged over and took this pic.